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    Buzzy® Product Models

    Healthcare vs. Personal

    All Healthcare models and ice wings are able to be fully sanitized between patients, both the Buzzy units and ice wings are made from durable medical-grade plastic. Our personal models can be sanitized too, but are not intended for multi-patient use. All Healthcare models come with 4 multi-patient universal Ice Wings, our personal models come with 2 single user universal Ice Wings. Our Buzzy Healthcare XL comes with 4 hands-free starter straps. Our personal Buzzy models come with 1 comfort strap or 1 hands-free starter strap. Our Healthcare models have a 1-year warranty and our Personal Buzzy Models have a 6-month warranty. Personal Buzzy units carry NO warranty in Healthcare or Clinical settings.


    XL vs. Mini

    The Buzzy XL model (referred to as Buzzy Personal or Buzzy XL Healthcare) is slightly larger than the Mini. Aside from size, the primary difference between the two is the style of vibration.


    - XL models have a toggle switch with continuous vibration. This makes them more ideal for longer procedures like infusions or multiple injections.
    - Mini models have a 3-minute automatic shutoff. The mini healthcare has two different vibration modes: 3-minutes of steady vibration with automatic shutoff and 3-minutes of pulsed vibration with an automatic shutoff. The mini's smaller size also makes it more ideal for small children to be able to handle comfortably.

    *The ice wings affix differently to the two models. For XL models, slide the wings horizontally through the elastic band on the back. For mini models, slide the wings down vertically so that the hook fits neatly through the whole aligns with the width of the hole in the ice pack.


    Striped vs. Plain Black vs. LadyBuzz

    The difference between these versions is entirely cosmetic. There is no difference in function or operating procedure.

    While the Striped Buzzy is often the most familiar and recognizable to the average person, many adults prefer the simplicity of the plain black. Those with a fear of bees may also be more comfortable with a Plain Black or LadyBuzz unit.


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