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    VibraCool® Accessories

    There are several accessories to choose from to enhance your use of VibraCool.  You can see all the accessories available for Pain Care Labs products on the storefront here.

    The most popular add-on to VibraCool is our reusable heat packs. While most pain responds best with the ice and vibration, some chronic pain or pain from muscle spasms can benefit from the use of heat.  You can use heat with any of our VibraCool units.

    You can also purchase additional ice packs. Having an extra set is beneficial when you would like to ice in longer increments or if you are taking VibraCool on-the-go.

    Many customers also buy extra wraps when they purchase a VibraCool.  For example, if you purchase the Extended unit for your knee, you may want to purchase the Easy Fit for your wrist.  You can swap out the vibration unit and use in the pocket of either compression strap.  We offer a VibraCool Easy Fit Strap Only  and the VibraCool Extended Strap Only  The truth is, many of our customers go ahead and buy another full unit because they either want to use them at the same time or because a friend or family member keeps borrowing one!

    With all these options you can customize your pain relief for maximum benefit!