Do You Offer Free Shipping?

Can I get free shipping?

Is Expedited Shipping Available?

I need a Buzzy® tomorrow! Can I get expedited shipping?

2 Vibration Settings on Healthcare Mini

What is the purpose of the 2 vibration settings in the Healthcare Mini?

Does Buzzy Eliminate Pain?

Does Buzzy really eliminate pain?

Pain Research on Buzzy

Is there any pain research on Buzzy?

Difference Between Healthcare & Personal Models?

What is the difference between Healthcare and Personal Models?

Do I Need an Ice Pack?

Do I really need to use the ice pack?

What Size Batteries Does Buzzy Use?

What size batteries does Buzzy® take? How do you replace the batteries?

What are DistrACTION® Cards?

What are DistrACTION® Cards?

Do You Offer Free Samples?

May I please have a free sample? Generally speaking, no. Buzzy is reusable, so many clinics...

Which is the Best Buzzy for Me?

Which Buzzy is best for me?

Size Difference in Buzzy Products

What is the size difference between the different Buzzy models?