Fertility Shots / IVF

If you are struggling with infertility issues, your doctor may prescribe medicine, infertility drugs, to help you get pregnant. Even if you use in vitro fertilization (IVF), fertility drugs are just part of the treatment. These fertility drugs help trigger ovulation. Some infertilty drugs are injected hormones that require shots. Common infertility drugs include Bravell®, Follistom®, Repronex®, Lutrepulse®, Lupron®, and Antagon®. Some shots are given beneath the skin, others are injected into the muscle. Common locations for getting shots include your upper arm, stomach, upper thigh, or buttocks. Going through fertility treatment, itself, can cause anxiety. Fear of needles and injection pain do not need add to this feeling. Buzzy® can help improve your infertility patient experience by reducing needle pain from frequent infertility shots/injections, finger sticks or blood draws required for treatment.

For Arm Injections
For injections, Buzzy® needs to be “between the brain and the pain.”

In the arms, the nerves run straight down. Leave Buzzy® directly on the injection site 60 seconds. Immediately before cleaning the site, move Buzzy® up toward the armpit and leave in place while cleaning and getting the shot.

For Stomach Injections
For stomach injections, the nerves run sideways coming around from the back towards the belly button. Again, leave the Buzzy® 30 – 60 seconds (the skin is thinner here, so the cold may get TOO cold), then slide 2cm lateral out to the side and do the injection where the Buzzy® used to be.

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