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    Insect Bites & Stings

    You can use Buzzy® to stop the painful sting and lessen the irritation caused by flies, bees, wasps, mosquitos, gnats, chiggers and ants. Some insects leave a stinger, others do not. This will be obvious to the naked eye. If you do not see a stinger, go straight to the work of treating pain, detailed below. If you do see a stinger, remove it as quickly as possible since the venom sac will release venom as long as the stinger is in. Fingers work fine if tweezers are not available.


    Placing ice directly on the site immediately may be too intense. Placing Buzzy® (with or without ice pack) near the sting can help. Place Buzzy® “between the brain and the pain” to block the stinging sensation. Once the sting starts itching, scratching will spread and worsen the reaction. Buzzy® will relieve the itch without spreading the reaction. Use ibuprofen and ice for pain relief.


    Systemic reactions (e.g., wheezing, lip swelling, vomiting, hives) are beyond this tip guide. Give Benadryl® and call or go to the doctor. Even non-allergic kids react about 4-10x what they would to a mosquito bite, including redness, swelling, and pain, followed by itching.