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    Removing a splinter is easiest either immediately or one day after it lodges. Redness around the splinter can make it hurt more. If it does not come out easily, soak the area or apply antibiotic ointment. The body will have a chance to make fluid and infection-fighting white cells, which can make it easier to remove the next day. Whenever you remove the splinter, Buzzy® can help.


    Make sure your child is in a comfortable spot with good lighting. Let the “patient” play with Buzzy® for a moment to get used to it. When you’re ready, place Buzzy® a few centimeters away from the splinter. For best results, make sure the ice pack is frozen solid, and leave in place about 30 seconds or longer. If they have a doll or animal, consider taping or placing a toothpick, and let them concentrate on taking it out while you do. You can use any of the distractions listed on the Pain Distraction page (blow out a puff of air, add numbers, do a task).


    For a finger splinter
    Put Buzzy® in the palm with the vibrating end toward the splinter. For a toe or foot splinter, have your child lay on their tummy, and put Buzzy® on the foot. Turn it on, and after 10 seconds or so, try to remove the splinter.


    For a large splinter
    Gently splitting the skin on top of the lodged splinter can make it easier to remove. Once finished, apply antibiotic ointment with or without a band-aid. If some parts of the splinter remain, soaking in soapy water or just waiting should do the trick. If the area gets more red or has drainage, see your doctor.