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    Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy is a type of care that aims to relieve pain and help people function, move or recover from injuries or surgery. It can help people of all ages treat a variety of help problems. Physical therapy treatment is provided by a physical therapist, who is a licensed health professional who has specific graduate training in physical therapy. They are commonly referred to as PTs or physiotherapists. They work with your doctor to guide treatments that will help you feel better and get back to full function or the ability to do everyday tasks. This includes exercises and other treatments, such as stretches, massage, dry needling, heat or cold therapy, or helping you learn to use gadgets that may provide pain relief, help you move, or stay balanced. Physical therapists may also prescribe exercises for you to do at home to build strength, stabilize your core muscles, or improve range of motion for your shoulders or knees. Sometimes these exercises may be challenging due to existing pain or may result in temporary muscle soreness. VibraCool® is a unique, portable, wearable device that leverages mechanical stimulation (M-stim) to reduce pain on contact, while increasing blood flow and improving mobility. VibraCool®‘s M-stim uses vibration to vasodilate, or increase blood flow, mechanically separate muscle fibers to reduce delayed onsite muscle soreness (DOMS), and reduce spasm.


    VibraCool® can be used before physical therapy to increase blood flow and mobility, during treatment to relieve pain and facilitate muscle stretch, and after physical therapy when the mechanical stimulation and ice can reduce pain and inflammation. VibraCool can be used for rehabilitation exercises and pain relief in the PT clinic, on the athletic field, at work, or at home, making home therapy compliance easy!