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    At Pain Care Labs, our goal is to help patients take power over pain.

    By working with the body’s system, mechanical stimulation (M-Stim) technology, and thermal energy, clinicians can create pain management plans that work for each patient.

    Trusted in hospital systems, physical therapy clinics, and at-home uses. Our devices have been indicated to support pain relief and treat the following conditions and more.

    Plantar 3


    Plantar Fasciitis

    One of the most common causes of foot/heel pain. 1 in 10 people will suffer from plantar fasciitis.

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    VibraCool Lifestyle Shoot - 1080 x 1080



    When pain flares, VibraCool is proven to help pain from muscle restriction and tension from arthritis.

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    Woman does physical therapy on her shoulder injury with VibraCool.


    Physical Therapy

    Increase blood flow and mobility, relieve pain and facilitate muscle stretch, reduce inflammation.

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    Pediatric Palate Injection (2020_06_11 17_38_36 UTC) - 1080 x 1080


    Dental Injections & Dentistry

    Reduce experienced pain and fear in children undergoing infiltration dental anesthesia.

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    Needle Phobia, Pain, and Fainting

    “Fear is the volume knob for pain,”
    - Amy Baxter, MD

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    BTH2 Buzzy XL Healthcare Black Blood Draw - 1080 x 1080


    Blood Draws & Donations

    Even patients who grow accustomed to shots can find going to the lab for blood draws and IV access difficult. 

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