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    During tattooing, one or more needles insert ink into the dermis, the second layer of your skin. The needles are attached to a handheld device that works like a sewing machine. As the needles move up and down, they repeatedly pierce your skin. During tattoo application, it may feel like stinging, scratching, burning, vibrating, or dullness Different parts of the body may be more sensitive to the pain, such as the neck/throat, inner wrist, stomach, ankle, or top of the foot. Even the most eager tattoo enthusiast will agree that getting a tattoo hurts! Cold and vibration have been proven to naturally decrease pain for tattoos.


    For tattoo application
    Place Buzzy® on the site to pre-numb for 30-60 seconds. During the procedure, place Buzzy® between the brain and the pain. Make sure the bottom of Buzzy® is pointing toward the needle with the switch end pointing away.