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    Flu Shot

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year as much as 20% of Americans fall victim to influenza and flu-related complications, resulting in approximately 200,000 hospitalizations and 36,000 deaths. Yet, according to a survey conducted by Target and Harris Interactive, out of the 60 percent of American adults who choose not to receive a flu vaccination, 24 percent stated the reason is a fear of needles. Buzzy® can help. Buzzy® is the only device clinically proven to reduce needle pain and needle fear and anxiety.


    Multiple studies demonstrate better flu vaccination experiences for adults with Buzzy®. In the biggest study to date found significant pain reduction, and said using Buzzy® was significantly better than previous flu vaccination experiences (62.0% vs. 23.9%, p < .0001). In a study at Jewel Osco, 45% of seniors who used Buzzy® said its availability would dictate where they got the flu shot next year, and 84% felt no pain (average age 64). Buzzy® has over 50 independent randomized clinical trials supporting efficacy for pain AND fear.


    For flu shots
    Turn on the vibration and place Buzzy® on the site of the flu shot. Pain control is maximized by using Buzzy®’s ice wings to cool/numb and vibration to desensitize the area directly for 30-60 seconds, then move Buzzy® just proximal (toward the head or spine) during the shot. If the flu injection burns, the pain can be relieved by rubbing Buzzy®’s cold and vibration over the area after the medicine is in.


    For children
    Put an arm around your child age 4+ and hold Buzzy® on the site for about 30 seconds before the shot. Even with Buzzy®, there will be dull touch sensations (those are transmitted on different nerves that Buzzy® doesn’t block) so use distraction questions or DistrACTION® cards to entertain and pull attention away if the child already has a needle phobia.

    When the injection is ready, move the Buzzy® up and keep pressing on the nearest bony surface to maximize vibration transmission. If multiple immunizations are being given, change out the cold packs on each arm so the sites each have 30 seconds of numbing.