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Buzzy Product Use

How Do I Change the Batteries in my Buzzy?

Refreshing your Buzzy with new batteries is easy! Unscrew the back using a Philips head...

Clean & Disinfect Pain Care Labs Products

How do you disinfect Pain Care Labs Products?

Can I Use Buzzy Instead of EMLA or LMX-4

Can I use Buzzy instead of EMLA, LMX - 4 or other topical anesthetics for needle pain?

Buzzy for Infants 18 Months +

Why do you say Buzzy is for ages 18 months and up?

Buzzy for Adults

Does Buzzy work for adults?

Buzzy for Itching

Does Buzzy work for itching?

Is Buzzy FDA Cleared?

What can Buzzy be used for? Is Buzzy FDA cleared?

Buzzy for Finger Sticks

Can Buzzy be used for finger sticks?

Where to Place Buzzy for Pain Relief?

Where is Buzzy placed to relieve IV pain?

2 Vibration Settings on Healthcare Mini

What is the purpose of the 2 vibration settings in the Healthcare Mini?

What Size Batteries Does Buzzy Use?

What size batteries does Buzzy® take? How do you replace the batteries?

Which is the Best Buzzy for Me?

Which Buzzy is best for me?