Clean & Disinfect Pain Care Labs Products

How do you disinfect Pain Care Labs Products?

Buzzy and kit components (ice wings and comfort strap) should be cleaned and disinfected between patients using your facility’s infection control protocol for cleaning reusable, non-critical medical equipment such as blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes. Buzzy should not be immersed or autoclaved.
  1. Buzzy should be surface cleaned at the point of use, which includes initial cleaning and measures to prevent drying of soil and contaminants in and on the device.
  2. Disinfection means the use of a chemical procedure that eliminates virtually all recognized pathogenic microorganisms but not necessarily all microbial forms (e.g., bacterial endospores) on inanimate objects. Acceptable methods of disinfection include, but are not limited to hospital cleaning wipes with 1:100 bleach or quaternary ammonium compounds.
  3. Thoroughly air dry Buzzy, after processing and before storage, to inhibit any subsequent growth of waterborne microbes.
  4. VibraCool soft goods can be machine washed; be sure to attach velcro to avoid damaging other items in wash.