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    Nasal Rinse Overview



    Read up on The Ins and Outs of Nasal Rinsing


    Q: How does nasal rinsing or irrigation help prevent or mitigate the symptoms of COVID?


    A: “By giving extra hydration to your sinuses, it makes them function better. If you have a contaminant, the more you flush it out, the better you are able to get rid of dirt, viruses and anything else,” says Dr. Amy Baxter.


    Q: How do nasal rinsing and irrigation compare to other preventive measures like wearing masks or getting vaccinated?


    A: Others have shown that nasal irrigation, also called lavage, can also be effective in reducing the duration and severity of infection by a family of viruses that include the coronaviruses, which are also known to cause the common cold, as well as the influenza viruses, the investigators write. “SARS-CoV-2 infection was another perfect situation for it,” Dr. Amy Baxter says.


    Q: Are there any specific nasal rinsing techniques or products you would recommend for COVID prevention or relief?


    A: Watch this video to see how to perform a nasal rinse.