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    Is VibraCool TENS?

    No, VibraCool is not TENS or E-Stim.




    TENS units function by electrical stimulation (e-stim) of muscles. TENS units send electrical signals directly through the skin and muscles to stimulate motor nerves. For this reason, TENS units are not useable for individuals with pacemakers. The electrical current travels the shortest possible distance, stimulating only the most surface level nerves in the skin.


    VibraCool's mechanical stimulation (m-stim) comes from the specific frequency of vibration studied to relieve pain. No electrical energy is transferred into or through the body, only mechanical motion from the vibration. M-Stim technology is safe for use alongside pacemakers. Nerves are designed to feel motion. M-Stim penetrates deeper into the body, triggering sensation receptors for movement and positioning which the brain rates as more important than pain or surface level touch sensations.