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Clean & Disinfect Pain Care Labs Products

How do you disinfect Pain Care Labs Products?

How can hospitals order products? Can we submit a purchase order?

As a courtesy to our healthcare providers, we accept purchase orders of $100 or more via email with...

Do You Ship Internationally?

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

Do I Need an Ice Pack?

Do I really need to use the ice pack?

Do You Offer Free Samples?

May I please have a free sample? Generally speaking, no. Buzzy is reusable, so many clinics...

How Long to Re-Freeze Ice Packs?

How long does it take for the ice packs to re-freeze?

Does Ice Pack Need to Be Frozen Solid?

Does the ice pack need to be frozen solid?

How Long do Ice Packs Last?

How long do ice packs stay frozen?

Disposable Ice Packs

Can I use disposable crushable ice packs?

Ice Pack Use

How many times can I use each ice pack?

Branded Buzzy Options

Do you offer branded/personalized products?

Can I Buy in Canada

We are in Canada... how can we order from you?