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Buzzy For HealthCare

How Do I Change the Batteries in my Buzzy?

Refreshing your Buzzy with new batteries is easy! Unscrew the back using a Philips head...

How can hospitals order products? Can we submit a purchase order?

As a courtesy to our healthcare providers, we accept purchase orders of $100 or more via email with...

Does Each Patient Need His or Her Own Buzzy?

No, Buzzy is a reusable medical device that should be thoroughly sanitized following your...

Buzzy Compared to Topical Anesthetics

How does Buzzy compare by price to topical anesthetics?

Can I Use Buzzy Instead of EMLA or LMX-4

Can I use Buzzy instead of EMLA, LMX - 4 or other topical anesthetics for needle pain?

Large Hospital Discount Options

For hospitals dispensing Buzzy to patients, we offer discounts. Contact us for more information.

Reuse Buzzy New Patients

Can Buzzy be cleaned and reused on another patient? If so, what is the process for cleaning?

Difference Between Healthcare & Personal Models?

What is the difference between Healthcare and Personal Models?

How long does Buzzy take to work compared to EMLA or LMX- 4?

How long does Buzzy take to work compared to EMLA or LMX- 4?